Launch campaigns on time

Marketing teams use Jira Core to manage all types of projects

Blogs, brochures, & presentations

Creative asset development

Product launches

Campaign launches

Field events

Manage marketing projects

Tracking all tasks associated with a project is hard. Jira Core Cloud lets you visualize your marketing tasks on a board and follow them from to-do to done. This way, the journey to done for blogs, assets, and review cycles - you name it - is just faster.

Boards are currently available in Jira Core Cloud only. 

Monitor marketing details

Who's doing what, and when? Get status updates on every task at a glance. Plus, every comment – advice, opinion, feedback – is documented for all to see. Never have to worry about who to CC again.

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Be in the know

Measure marketing team performance

With a project's tasks and details in the same place, you can use dashboards and reports to see how your team did. This means you've got a much better shot at launching your *next* campaign on time.

Launch your projects on time with these Jira Core features

Business templates

Use out-of-the-box business templates to easily define and track your marketing projects.


Set due dates, assign responsibilities, and add attachments. Keep all project details in one place.


Ping your team members with @mentions for feedback or approval. Or just to let them know how good you are.


Use reports and dashboards for a quick view of your content calendar, team progress, or what’s in your queue.

Use Jira Core for all your marketing projects

Track any project – a single blog post or an entire campaign – from beginning to end with Jira Core.


Marketing project management

Learn how different marketing teams manage their projects in Jira Core.

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Create your own marketing workflows

Check out the ebook for tips on creating your own marketing workflow.

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Marketing workflow example

See how Aeria Games’ built a marketing workflow to collaborate with other teams.

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Sync with your software team

Find out how marketing and software teams can work better together.

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Our Marketing Operations team coordinates campaigns with many internal stakeholders. With Jira, our team is able to manage all aspects of the campaign, from development to delivery, and get real-time status updates. —Michael Kuhl, Senior IT Operations Manager
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